BioFlex Body Jewellery

New BioFlex® Fragrance Body Jewellery!!

nice smelling jewelryHere you go ! We have done it again, leading the way in another First in the body jewellery world ! We have developed a new range of BioFlex® piercing jewellery carrying safe Fragrances with new technology in conjunction with French specialists in fragrances.

This is the same company which develop perfumes for top perfume companies in Paris, like Jean-Paul Gaultier, Channel, but also Thierry Muggler, etc. See for yourself! You can now have piercing and smell nice!

BioFlex® Multi-Use Tube

This is what the piercing world said was impossible ….

Well, we do the impossible … miracles take a little longer

Push-Fit and Screw-In, internal BioFlex® tube …. you can cut it to the exact length you require … f or any piercing

Accessories for BioFlex

You will find here the BioFlex accessories needed to go either on your metal bars, but also on the BioFlex body jewellery ! Push-fit discs, push-fit balls, and jewelled ball, links and BioFlex shafts in all different gauges and either straight or curved.

The push fit discs can be very handy if you want to separate your skin from the metal and the push-fit balls are another safety feature of this fantastic range. Just complete your body jewellery with these accessories !

BioFlex Ear Nose Lip Jewellery

New ! Are you looking for the same lip jewel as seen on Big Brother Live TV? Well here it is, if not better ! This range conatins everything you ever hope for. The nice and cute little claw set jewels that sit nicely on the top o your skin and let only the jewel showing while onto a safe BioFlex labret!

You will find nice Swarovski jewels either in Rhodium plate or 24ct gold plated at affordable price, but also the top quality 18ct yellow or white gold claw set cubic zirconia and real diamond for your Madonna, Monroe or lip piercing. Top Quality body jewellery, yet simple in design but high precision crafted to the exact dimension of your piercing. Get it now !

BioFlex Jeweled Nose Studs

Metals in your nose piercing can often create problems, either because of size or allergies. Well, we have just put an end to these problems and present you here with the SAFEST NOSE STUD IN THE WORLD ! BioFlex is Flexible, can be sterilized by steam. It will adjust nicely to your piercing even if it swells, you can even bring it to your local piercer to get pierced with it!

The new All BioFlex nose jeweled studs are superb and show only the jewel once inserted, and not only a jewel but real cubic zirconia and Swarovski crystal, and soon real gemstones and Diamonds ! If you prefere gold, you have here the best of both worlds with the Push fit BioFlex nose stud with 18ct gold claw set cz or Diamond !

BioFlex Navel Body jewellery

bio flux jewelryFrom the pregnancy belly bar to the nice all BioFlex navel jewelled banana, you will find in this section a great range of BioFlex belly button bars for your naval piercing ! Check the versatile banana slave onto which you can add your own or our accessories, but also that you can wear either way up in your piercing, as a top dropper or lower dropper!

Check also the very lates BioFlex navel banana which eliminates the ball and show just an exquisite jewel ! Possibilities are endless, bioflex bars with titanium, steel or gold jewelled balls, UV colours in the jewelled bananas, all made to order to your dimension. This is body jewelry well worth a look !

BioFlex labrets, half-balls and ball ended
BioFlex labrets, half-balls and ball ended
Find here all the different types of bars with a formed end. Labrets, half balls, and ball endings and pleasure dome bars are coming here in a long length that you can just cut down to size with a simple cutter blade. Don’t forget to check the drop down menus provided and just be amazed on the different types available, just here for you to fine tune the right jewellery with the right piercing !

Accessories in BioFlex

If you are looking to hide effectively your piercing, don’t waste your time going over the all internet, you will definitely come back here ! Find here the safe flexible transparent piercing retainers, made to the right sizes, to allow you the best possible results!

Labret retainers, nose retainer, tongue retainers, hide your ear piercing, keepers for your triages, eyebrow retainer, you name it, BioFlex has it ! These Hide -its are the best you can find, and have definitely much more advantages over the rigid Acrylic which can break and that you cannot sterilize. And watch this space as we are going to produce them in the skin colours!

BioFlex Customers Feedback

New! We welcome here your feedback on BioFlex body piercing jewellery, as it can help others to read your experience with this new and so versatile material. So check it out, and if you want to send your own experience, just hit the e-mail button, as we might receive an e-mail soon thank you in a very special way for helping other of our customers!


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