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Introducing the New BioFlex® Fragrance Body Jewellery!!

nice smelling jewelryWe have done it again! This is an industry’s first!

We have developed a new range of BioFlex® piercing jewellery that carries safe fragrances. This new technology was created in conjunction with French specialists in fragrances. This is the same company which developed perfumes for top perfume companies in Paris, like Jean-Paul Gaultier and Channel.

Now, you can show off your piercing and smell nice at the same time!

Accessories for BioFlex

You will find BioFlex accessories that are needed to go on your metal bars or BioFlex body jewellery here. Accessories include push-fit discs, push-fit balls, and jewelled balls in different gauges and form.

bio flux jewelryBioFlex Jeweled Nose Studs

Metals in your nose piercing can sometimes create problems because of wrong sizing or allergies. We have just put an end to these problems and present you here with the SAFEST NOSE STUD IN THE WORLD!

BioFlex is a flexible material that can be sterilized by steam and it will adjust nicely to your current piercing.

BioFlex Navel Body jewellery

From pregnancy belly bars to the BioFlex navel jewelled banana, you can find different types of bars with a formed end available here.

Accessories in BioFlex

If you are looking to hide your piercing effectively, you don’t waste your time researching over the internet. We have the solution for you and offer safe, flexible and transparent piercing retainers here.

For best results, we can even customize orders to the right sizes.

BioFlex Customers Feedback

We welcome your feedback as it can help others to learn about your experience with this new and versatile material. If you want to send in your own experience with the product, just hit the e-mail button! Thank you!

Enjoy shopping!


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