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At Body-Piercing-Jewellery.com, we take pride in providing you with the best and safest products at the best prices available in the body jewellery market, today… and tomorrow!

At Europierce Worldwide Ltd, we believe in an ethical approach to piercing – safety first, comfort and problem-free piercings a must.. That is what drove us in creating a new range with a new material, a material that would be flexible as our body, safe hence highly bio-compatible, steam sterilisable so it could be used for fresh piercing, and adjustable to the right length for the piercing, which we find very important too. After more than a year of development researches and trials on different materials, BioFlex was born with the basic BioFlex labret.

Since those first days, we have worked together to bring you the complete range of products now available through body-piercing-jewellery.com. They are the best, the safest and the best value – we know, because we manufacture most of them! Of course, BioFlex will never replace the glamour of gold, but it can used with any metal to make the jewellery safer for piercings.

It can also be associated with any metal, keeping the safe part of BioFlex inside your piercing. You will find on this website body jewellery in all materials, Gold, Titanium, steel and PTFE to cater for all tastes, including real gemstones and diamond body jewellery.

We are trying to bring you what we hope is an enjoyable experience ……. enjoy browsing the site, and if you have any comments or questions … hit the ‘contact us’ button and send an email !

You are dealing DIRECT!

At Body-Piercing-Jewellery.com, we are keenly aware of the fact that there is still a lot of uncertainty about shopping through the Internet. We totally understand this, and we wish to re-insure our online visitors of our status as serious on-line merchants committed to providing all customers with the products that they want, whilst maintaining the highest levels of security & service.

We are body jewellery manufacturers and we supply chain stores and distributors around the world, including Argos in the UK. We count a customer base of more than 10 000 retail customer accounts, and we supply as well high street shops and online shops.

At Body-Piercing-Jewellery.com we are confident that the products we supply are of the highest possibly quality (because we make most of them) and that our customers will be 100% happy with their purchases. Nevertheless , due to the nature of the products that we supply, we must insist that for hygiene reasons, we do not accept any return.

We therefore encourage you to be very careful when you order, and make sure you select the right size, colour and or specification of the product you wish to buy. If any help is needed, please e-mail us for assistance before you purchase. We are sure you will understand this as this policy is also ongoing in the major chainstore “Argos” (UK) for body jewellery products.

Happy shopping!



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