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Our new line of diamond body jewellery is now available! You will find quality designs ranging from yellow gold or white gold labret, tongue bars, barbell, nose studs and more!

Drop us an e-mail if you are searching for something that is not listed in this section yet. We can make special custom made pieces just like we do on a regular basis for customers worldwide.

Body Jewellery With Real Gemstones

If you where looking for body jewellery with real Amethyst, real Topaz, real Peridot, real Sapphire blue, real Sapphire pink or real Ruby, look no further!

Not only do we utilize real gemstones like sapphires and rubies, we also use the Swarovski Signity that will give more brilliance and sparkle than most natural gemstones.

If you are feeling rich and want a luxurious product, we also offer diamond based body jewelry too! Contact us and let us know what you are looking for and we will tailor the order for your needs.


Surgical Steel 316L Body Jewelry

We offer a wide range of steel bananabells and PTFE surgical steel bananas for navel piercing.

Our accessory section contains products like specially shaped threaded balls, thick barbells and screw-on ball closure rings which are more commonly called ” monster rings “.

Gold Plated Body Jewelry

Gold plated jewelry has its place in body jewelry as our products are gold plated over surgical steel for hygiene purposes. Even though gold plated jewelry do not last forever, it is still cheaper that pure gold jewelry.

Our gold plated jewelry can be worn for years before the gold starts wearing off. The lifetime of the jewelry depends on the acidity of your body.

PTFE Body Jewelry

PTFE stands for plytetrafluorethylene, or teflon. The grade we use in our products are of the highest virgin grade. You will find a FAQ section on PTFE here if you need to know more.

We offer three different sizes in different lengths: 1.6mm (14G), 1.2mm(16G), or 2.4mm(12G). You can use your existing balls if the thread on them and match the bars proposed. If you have any special requirements, just e-mail us!

New BioFlex Body Jewelry

BioFlex is a safe, flexible and transparent body jewelry. Like the PTFE, you can cut BioFlex to size. It is available in jeweled banana in its pure form and in UV reactive colour which gives a wide choice of colour combinations.

Ultralight and moulded to shape, BioFlex has an advantage over PTFE. And because it is transparent, it can also be used as well to hide your piercing.




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