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wholesale diamond jewelryWe welcome all wholesaling and franchising opportunities. Drop us an email and we can discuss details!

If you have a shop or trade in the UK, this is what you get by re-selling our Karma Se7en range body jewellery:

– Top quality jewellery for discerning customers
– Body jewellery manufactured in the UK
– Wonderfull range of jewellery designs unavailable anywhere else
– Intelligent and Hygienic packaging which benefits your customers
– Full backup and responsive customer service
– Magnificent eye catching displays available for your shop
– The assurance of a trusted UK brand

Whether you are a tattoo piercing studio or a high street jewellery shop, you will find customers that are seeking our popular products. Get the Karma Se7en signature line for your shop today!

Are you a piercing professional or trader in the UK ?

Visit and register on the BioFlex website to find out more about the product range available for piercers and shop owners. Because we are exclusive wholesalers, we can offer you a signficantly lower price for products.

Please note that access to the wholesale site is strictly limited to bona fide Traders and Piercing professionals who wish to ensure their supply of BioFlex for the ever increasing demand in their shops.


Do we wholesale body jewellery worldwide ?

Yes. We are a trusted body jewellery manufacturer and specialist in our field. We are well known in our trade and had built our reputation for 12 years.

Having trademarked BioFlex®, we have established distributors wholesaling our body jewellery through their catalogs worldwide.

You will find our jewellery in Argos (UK), in Wallmart (US) and also in many specialized distributor catalogs selling body jewellery wholesale.

Interested in becoming a wholesale body piercing jewellery distributors of BioFlex?

It depends where you are located.

Here at Europierce, we supply to the United Kingdom exclusively. So, if you are a UK volume buyer and wish to wholesale BioFlex® body jewellery, you need to contact us to register for our BioFlex® distributors website.

If you are from other parts of the world and wish to buy BioFlex in bulk, go to the BioFlex® website. We will send our French partner an e-mail with your details and request.


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